Essential Spanish 1 Colour Calandar


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After French, why not learn Spanish? I wouldn’t recommend trying to learn two languages at the same time, but you probably know someone who is learning Spanish. Identical in design and concept to the Essential French 1 calendar, the Spanish version makes a very useful gift for anyone learning Spanish.

Note that this calendar focuses on Latin American Spanish. All the examples are recorded in no less than four different Latin American accents.


1. Power verbs ser / estar. 2. Power verb tener. 3. How to ask questions. 4. Pronominal verbs. 5. How to give orders and instructions. 6. Direct and indirect object pronouns. 7. Power verb hacer. 8. Demonstrative pronouns and adjectives. 9. Comparatives. 10. Numbers and quantities. 11. Words for time. 12. Using the subjunctive mood.


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