Our calendars are all over the world. Here are some examples of how customers are using them and what they have to say:

Fluent City, a cool language school for adults in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York, USA that is soon expanding to Boston, Washington DC and Philadelphia sends us the pics below.

Essential French 1 Fluent City

The Essential French 1 calendar at Fluent City

Mandy, of Fluent City, writes: “I have actually been meaning to email you and thank you for the beautiful calendars! We have the calendars up on our walls and have gotten a few compliments on them, to which we have given out your site address. Please see the attached two photos of the calendars, as well as a tweet about the calendars. ”

Essential Spanish 1 at Fluent City

The Essential Spanish 1 calendar at Fluent City

The calendars are great for the classroom. Teachers love being able to glance at them for inspiration or a quick example.

The biggest problem, we’ve been told by other customers, is that the calendars tend to disappear when the classroom is empty!


Kevin, from Long Island, USA, writes:
“Thank you for your wonderful French calendar. It is one of the most useful items I own to help me learn to speak French.

My calendar is posted in my kitchen, of all places. The reason for this is that I love to cook….so…..while I am cooking, or waiting for the water to boil or the sauce to simmer, I walk over to my French calendar and study the phrase for the day.

The calendar in Kevin's kitchen

The Essential French calendar in Kevin’s kitchen

After I have mastered it, I go back to the first day of the month and review all the previous dialogues. In addition, I am now listening to the mp3s that go with these dialogues and it helps me to hear them spoken in fluent French.

Also, having the calendar in my kitchen enables me to review it each day before leaving for work while taking those first few sips of my morning coffee…Its a great way to start the day!”

Dylan, from Montreal, Canada, writes:
“I find the language calendar to be a helpful and very well thought-out language learning tool.

The Essential French 1 calendar on Dylan's desk

The Essential French 1 calendar on Dylan’s desk

Especially useful are the including recordings in both Québécois and French accents. It’s been several months since I purchased the calendar and I still find myself using it as part of my daily practice routine and for reference.”


Wang Lingxiao, from Toronto, Canada, writes:

“This calender is a very good tool for practicing French.

Essential French 1 Calendar

The Essential French 1 calendar in Wang Lingxiao’s house

When I first looked at it, I thought it just listed some basic things, like “être”, “faire”, “avoir”, expressions for numbers and so on. But I soon found I was wrong. Every page has some surprises for you! Something new for you to learn.

The examples are awesome! Different from those in a grammar book, they are real language from day-to-day life. Every sentence has a scene. You can read it like you are in that situation with that emotion. When I role-play with them, I have a vivid image in mind. It is enjoyable and efficient too. I like doing this when I’m waiting for a bus or walking alone, to kill time, to amuse myself, to train my tongue and to practice authentic French.


刚开始我以为它只是一些基本词汇的用法,比如”être”, “faire”,”avoir” 以及数字的表达法等等。后来才发现其实每一页都藏着意外的收获,总有你能学到的内容。


Josh, from Australia, sends us this picture of the calendar on the door of his dunny (men’s room or loo) and the following message:

The French calenda in Josh's loo

The Essential French 1 calendar in Josh’s dunny

“Received French Calendar today and its awesome mate – so had to get the Spanish as well. Cheers.”




My name is Marie and I am the owner of Fierté Caribéenne, a caribbean restaurant which is located downtown in the Montreal Eaton Center – Place Ville Marie tunnel. Mr. Aleong was nice enough to give me one of the french calendar which he helped put together.

Essential French wall chart

The Essential French 1 calendar in the Fierté caribéenne restaurant

When I first saw it I immediately thought it was a very good idea. I have it on a wall in my restaurant near the front so that all our clients can see it. Good job, Mr. Aleong!!




Gregory, from Australia, writes:
“I have just received my calender and commenced using this great tool to improve my fluency in speaking french.

Greg's Essential French 1 Calendar

Greg”s calendar in Melbourne, Australia

After studying French for 5 years in retirement- I am 65 years of age- this new tool is exactly what I have been looking for to help me speak french without hesitation.
This coupled with all of the great material and advice in your blog will be perfect to assist me in my quest to speak French fluently.
Thank you so much.”