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Our flagship product. This  sophisticated learning tool  in glorious colour is for learners who want to take their French higher. Hang this wall chart calendar on a wall or leave it open on a table. Then look at it every day, choosing one or more phrases or dialogues to work on for the day. The visual repetition facilitates and reinforces the learning process.


Contains over 2,000 words in  600 phrases or dialogues of everyday French grouped by 12 essential grammar themes. 420 of the phrases and dialogues are translated into English and Spanish. All the examples can be heard in different accents on a free website.


1. Power verb être. 2. Power verb avoir. 3. How to ask questions. 4. How to give orders and instructions. 5. Power verb faire. 6. Numbers and quantities 7. The preposition au. 8. Pronominal verbs. 9. Direct and indirect object pronouns. 10. Noun plurals. 11. Words that differ by gender. 12. Using the subjunctive mood.

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