French Workshops

I regularly lead French workshops for corporate clients on specialized topics for small groups of 4 – 10 intermediate or advanced learners. These workshops last between one and two hours. I make sure they are fun and dynamic with lots of interaction and emphasis on speaking.

I also regularly conduct 90-minute French workshops as part of the Montreal French-English Conversation Meetup group that meets every Saturday and Wednesday. All the details are here.

Here is a sampling typical workshop topics:

1. Pronominal verbs in general
2. The pronoun ÇA
3. Impersonal or unipersonal verbs
4. Using the right preposition with verbs
5. How to use là
6. The pronoun EN
7. Idioms with body parts in French
8. Using the preposition À
9. Using the preposition AU
10. Using the pronoun Y
11. How to improve your French
12. The subjunctive mood
13. Idiomatic expressions with household objects
14. Conversation markers and connectors
15. The preposition DE
16. Expressing consequence
17. Direct and indirect speech
18. Using the past tenses
19. Closed questions in French and the québécois marker -tu
20. Relative words (à qui, auquel, à laquelle, dont, etc,)
21. Expressing hypotheses
22. Tongue twisters for pronunciation
23. Idioms with the human body
24. Periphrases.
25. Words that look alike and sound alike in French