Learn from common mistakes in spoken French

In my experience, most mistakes of advanced learners of French stem from incomplete mastery of certain points and from the influence of the native language. Here is a list of my blog posts that focus on some common mistakes of advanced learners of French.

1. The Gender Of Words Ending In ée

2. When You’ve Forgotten The Gender Of A Word

3. Be Careful With The Preposition POUR

4. Do Not Confuse répondre à And répondre de

5. Do Not Confuse sérieusement and au sérieux

6. A Common Mistake: penser de

7. Words that look or sound alike but have different genders

8. Speaking French – Chris Hadfield And Adult Learners

9. Fluent and Accurate French

10. Using pour, depuis and pendant in French

11. Another look at ‘for’, pour and pendant in French